My title today was "New Girl"

Today was my first full day at the salon. It was pretty good, everyone was nice and even though it was slow for me because I was training it was pretty good. Although, I hate the feeling of being the new girl. Im used to having my girls with me at school and being in that salon environment so today was a bit out of my comfort zone.....well maybe a lot out of my comfort zone  at first but as the day went on I just had to keep saying "You got this" And I met one of the guys at the salon that so reminded me of a friend of mine so it made me feel a lot more comfortable! So if any of you are ever in Ohio ya'll better come have a spa day with mwah!

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Anonymous said...

It ALWAYS sucks being "the new girl" but it's cool you're willing to step out of your comfort zone to do what you love.

Your blog is dope by the way. FOLLOWED :)

Make sure you stop by Alee's Perspective sometime and say what's up!

Kayla said...

Thank you Alee!

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