My day so far...

Ok so this is how my day has gone. First I lock my keys in my car the sheriff has to come, we get it unlocked then my alarm wont shut off, I can not stop laughing. We finally get it off and for some reason instead of me getting in my drivers door to leave I climb over the passenger seat! On the way home a guy was on my side driving towards me on the road so i had no choice but to drive in the ditch! I was so scared so I was laughing the whole time!!! Then I had to go to the bank and get gas so Im waiting in line behind the cars at the gas station and this big truck with a round hay bail is backing into a spot he looks at me so... i look at him he rolls down his window so... I roll down mine. I thought he wanted to say something so as soon as I realize that he was just rolling down his window to see how far he could back up I quickly saved myself the humiliation and said "You're fine" I then quickly rolled my window back up and stared forward! haha

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Big d said...

Hopefully the rest of the day went better for ya

Kayla said...

In a weird way it was a really good day lol

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