I love you

Have you ever had those moments when God really just showed up but it was the simplest way not a big boom or a ring of fire or a big loud voice just simple. Well tonight I had one of those moments and I really just neeeded it. I taught kids tonight at church and lets just say it was late and they were not wanting to llisten to me so I just sat down and let them run their little hearts out but deep down I just felt like a bad teacher and like the mean teacher who kept telling them to sit down. So I guess you could say I had a mini pitty party lol

I had this little 4 year old come up and tug on my hand and pull me down to her level. She grabbed my face with her hands and said "I love you" It was so simple. If we could only just allow him to speak to us in the simple ways. I pray I start doing that more!

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Big d said...

I like this post. Sometimes it's the simple things that makes the most impact!

Reading Revival said...

kids say the cutest things

Kayla said...

Thats so true!

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