Work what HE gave you!

Have you ever seen a packet of apple seeds at the store?? They have the most beautiful picture of the grown apples on the front but when you open the packet all you see are a lot of little seeds…Nothing like the picture huh!!?? God has placed so many beautiful things on the inside of us we get discouraged because we feel worthless, like we have no purpose, we feel small like those seeds but what we don’t see is the fruit after those seeds are watered how do you water them?? Relationship with God. Period. Sometimes when God tells us to do something we feel we are not equipped because all we see our those little seeds so we say No to God because we don’t see that thing that we need to equip us. When God looks at us he doesn’t see how small the seed is he sees potential!! He sees the brilliance of what he placed in us. Don’t quit on yourself, God didn’t bring you where you are to fail, God is on our side! He placed a seed of greatness in us and we need to work that!! We need to walk in it. God gave us all something, most people miss their destiny because they focus on what other people have we are obsessed with someone else’s gifts and neglect the gift God gave us to nurture!! Be careful because you don’t know the price they paid to get that gift, they may be smiling when they came to church but the drive to church they were balling and crying out to God because they feel lonely. Be careful because you do not know the real them, you don’t know if they have real joy, real peace, people are good at acting. Be careful not to forget what God gave you and only you, don’t neglect it. It may look like the ugly seeds in the packet but look at the finished work. Work what God gave you even if you feel like its small, you cant see what God see’s but if you get in relationship with him and allow HIM to water those seeds it will be made clear to you like BAM!!!

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