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wow today has been a longgg day!!! So since I’m up and can’t sleep I will enlighten my followers on how my day was lol...I know you’re sitting on the edges of your chairs just waiting to hear my eventful day...sarcasm intended lol....

I had to work today. When I work I can’t explain to people what it is I do exactly. We have many family owned businesses which means when you’re in the family you do what needs done. So no point in me trying to put into words what I do just know that I went to work lol. But as I was driving to work I was just talking to God and telling him how I was doing, what I was feeling and what I wasn’t feeling. I am a part of a dance/ sign language ministry at my church ( www.handsoftheriver.com )and we are filming our second DVD next Friday (woohooo!!) But I started thinking back to 2 years ago and where I was in my life, who I was and who I hadn't discovered yet. I started just asking God to anoint next Friday night and to prepare hearts, for it not to just be a cool dance show but for it to be a life changing experience for someone. I started thinking about how that night 2 years ago changed my life forever. Connections were lost but for the good. Connections were made that were also for the good. But that night 2 years ago Kayla started to grow up and discover bits and pieces of who God said I was. Kayla let go of guys who told her who she was and held onto God. My prayer is that next Friday night someone will allow God to hold onto them and tell them who they are!!!

As a youth we sometimes feel intimidated to say what we feel because we don’t feel as "educated" as others first off that’s a lie and nowhere in the bible did it say you needed a PhD to be able to speak or come before God. We can take authority and speak with confidence and love but that only can be found in Christ and having a real relationship with Christ. No man, no women, no job title, no car, no home, no dollar amount or position in the church can give you that because what happens when that person leaves?? What happens when you lose your job?? What happens when you lose your home and car and then you lose your position in the church?? Whereas your authority?? Where’s your confidence??? Where’s your love?? That’s right you guessed it, it’s gone!!! Please take it from me, don’t ever place those things on people. People will let you down, people are not perfect only God is perfect only he can give us those things and we never have to worry about him leaving with those things because he said HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE US NOR FORSAKE US!!! We place too much worth on who we are by what people say we are. That was me once. It’s a lonely , sad and confusing place to be when people walk away that made you feel confident and loved. They let me down so I didn’t feel loved which meant I wasn’t about to love anyone else I was hurt and so you say something to me I probably would bite your head off. That’s what happens when you base those characteristics by who is in your life and where you stand in life. My prayer is someone finds that out sooner that I did. I believe that can happen!!

So on a lighter non preaching note lol I went to go see "G.I Joe" tonight with some girlfriends and OMG I FEEL LIKE I CAN BE A G.I JOE PERSON!!! The movie was off the chain and heads up to everyone there is definitely going to be a part 2!! That’s all I’m going to say!!..I’m just sayin...But driving home I so felt like my car could fly and turn into some military device with a click of a button!!! Yes I do have an imagination people!!! Anyhow I got home and there it was larger than life!!! A box of captain crunch!!! Ahh I was so happy because the popcorn I bought at the theater was drenched in butter and soggy so needless to say I was so hungry. So I get me out a bowl, I pore the cereal , get me a spoon and go to get the milk....IT WAS GONE!!!! I was so let down. Such anticipation to bite into this bowl of cereal so quickly crushed by the whole fact of not having milk. lol So what did we learn?? Buy milk before you come doofis! lol what does that last paragraph have to do with Jesus??.........Jesus wept?? lol

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