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Life passes by so quickly.....

Life lessons are learned and because of those lessons learned good and bad we are made stronger. We find out who we are and sometimes find out who is good for you and who is not so great for you. Its so crazy because these last 6 months I have changed so much!!! Im beginning to find out who Kayla really is, what Kayla likes and what Kayla wants. For so long I searched everywhere for me. I searched in love, in friends, in diets (how crazy?), in what people thought about me, even how people looked at me but I couldn't find myself in any of those things I was M.I.A.!!!

I was looking back in some journals this afternoon and as I read the words on the pages I was taken back to what season I was in and the things I was struggling with. It wasnt until I looked back (never forget where you come from) in those pages that I realized how far I have come, how in areas I felt broken still were actually being healed. Dont get me wrong I knew thigns were being healed but sometimes it feels like it takes so long but we often want things NOW we dont beleieve in waiting nor do we even consider it. My heart feels a little better everyday and thats because I surrendered to God!!! I allowed him to have control over my whole life and yes it hurt but it only was hurting because I wasnt letting go.

Im finding what GOD wants for me, what GOD has for me and what GOD'S calling is for my life. But most importantly I am finding out what God sees when he looks at me, the REAL me!!! Im discovering how much he really really loves and cares for me. I am discovering how to walk with him daily and I am discovering that I can not go back to the thigns i have so many times before. Even if I am out of my comfort zone that is okay!!! That is what you call growth. Theres no need for fear for the future because he has my back point blank period!!!

Im finding how to trust him and others. I am finding how to love me for me and finding who I am. The thigns I have done or have not done do not define me. But what does define me is what God says about me. No one can break me or take away my joy or tell me who I am they do not define me, they dont complete me and they can not save me!!! God is the joy and strength of my life, he removes all pain, misery and strife. He picks me up when I fall!!!

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Jessica said...

Amen to that :)
I'm happy to hear that God is moving within your life. He is doing the same for me. You can look at my recent post to see what I'm talking about as well. Isn't it a phenomenal feeling to have God like this? In a growing and intimate relationship? Wow. It's beyond words :)
God bless my sister in Christ! I pray He continues to move in your life <3

SpiritualButterfly517 said...

Very awesome!!! God bless! :)

Carmen said...

Only you can define who you are. No one else but you can make yourself happy. Nowadays, everyone is looking in the wrong place for happiness.

Rev. Mike said...

Hi Kayla,

I love your enthusiasm and spirit. Keep dreaming and keep posting. You are doing great!


Big d said...

Loved the read Kalya. Stay strong.


Jennifer@Inexhaustablegod.blogspot said...

hey Kayla, how are you,

I love your blog. I just love it. I love ur Faith, the fact that you are real and honest and i pray that we can have more people like you in our generation, real Christ-seeking people, so im thankful for being connected to your blog, im going to be reading it alot now.

There were a few things in your blog and i was like omg (oh my gosh*) i feel like that too! Like when you said, our generation doesnt have no more time for playing games, because i feel like some people are messing around in the Church and some of us are too laid back. Your blog is giving us wake up calls and i can write more and more things which you have said and again i'm just like ' AGREED AGREED AGREED'.

Thanks again for sharing, Much Love in Christ. Jennifer London UK

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