“People turn to God when things go bad”

“People turn to God when things go bad”

That’s the sentence I heard tonight and it sparked something in me. Why do we wait for the worse sometimes??? If we believe in God and believe he can do a miracle because we are going to God why do we still wait until things are soooo bad that we can’t go anywhere else????
For me, there was a point in my life where if life was good, friends were great and growing in numbers, school was going good, I had some extra cash and I felt oh so needed by people I was ok, I talked to God but I didn’t really TALK to God I just said my morning prayer (if I didn’t forget) and went on with my day. I loved him, I really did. But I didn’t give him that time you do when you’re in a relationship with someone. Then one day reality hit me and situations I was in turned bad, friends left, school went downhill and suddenly I was in a place where I never thought I would be. It for one taught me the importance of a DAILY relationship with God and also to not be so quick to judge because that thing you so willingly took time to judge and analyze could knock on your door one day. But I didn’t get really serious with my relationship until a few years back when things got dark, when I was in situations I needed out of but had nowhere to turn because I ALLOWED myself to believe a lie that  it was too big to share, that people would shun me and say “I told you so”. I remember how I finally surrendered when it was too dark to see. When all the avenues shut down. Whether it was guys, friendships or quick fixes.  I was in a dark place that made me finally quit being bull headed and just surrendered. Why did I wait?? Well after thinking about it, I think I waited because I wanted to be in charge of my life because in my mind, it would be so much better. I could make things work out and if they didn’t fix them quick. I was wrong. Things went right when I let God take full control of my life, and when things went wrong I knew who to turn to for Guidance.  
Why can’t we just surrender to him in the Good times and bad? I have never been more at peace in the “bad” times because I have a real relationship with God!!! When you have that open communication it eases so much fear, it takes away your pain, it validates you and it can comfort you in the worst of times and can comfort you in the best of times. I don’t have to wait to be at church to talk to him. I can do it wherever, whenever and however I want. I don’t have to sound like an English major I can just be Kayla with him, I can say words that don’t exist and say words wrong but he gets me!!!
 This is an excerpt from a daily devotional I read and it really sums up what a daily communication means. “It's natural to turn to God when things go wrong-when you are in pain or when you are frightened or depressed. It's easy to turn to God in times of joy-at a birth or a wedding, or on a holiday. But making the commitment to open your heart up to God every single day is quite a challenge. There are days when we feel moved, and there are days when we feel nothing. All too often, daily prayer seems like a tedious burden. We want our experiences of prayer to be inspirational, exceptional, but daily prayer is rooted in the unspectacular routine of our lives. Daily prayer is a far more pleasant way to achieve the same goal. Taking the time to pray heightens our awareness of God's presence in our lives. It reminds us that God is constantly calling out to us. We are in a relationship with God every day whether we notice it or not. God is waiting for our response.”

Our deepest praise is not always on the mountaintops of life, sometimes they are in the deepest darkest valleys. But whether we are at the highest point in our lives or the lowest point.  I pray that you will go to God in both situations. I pray that you will have that relationship that only you can understand, a relationship that fulfills every desire you have and can meet you wherever you are. God is waiting for your response.


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