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To put all your trust in God. What does that really mean???

I recently read a blog by one of my friends that was simply amazing so check it out!! ( http://bigdusty.blogspot.com/2009/06/no-joy-no-strength-no-faith-no-strength.html ) This blog got me thinking he gave the example of how we say all these things like "The joy of the Lord, is my strength." But is it really??? Is that really where your finding your joy or is your joy you say you have built up hate that you mask with biblical scriptures, Is your real source of joy the paycheck you cash in every Friday at 5pm, or is your source of joy in a boyfriend/girlfriend Yes I know that’s Harsh but let’s just be real we all deal with this. We get in the habit of acting as if we have no problems and we are so perfect. Please no one lives in a Brady bunch world (A.K.A. Perfect world) we deal with things like authenticity every day, we deal with finding Joy where we say we find Joy, We deal with really trusting God like we say we do and we deal with having the faith and believing.

What does it mean to you when you hear the words put all your trust in God??? We put our trust in so many different things and don’t get me wrong, we should have the ability to trust others and to know when it’s right and when you need to balance your feelings. But how in the world do we really trust God with all that we have???

First I believe we have to surrender. We have to give it all to God and when we do that and take it to God we have to leave it at his feet. Don’t pick it up and take back a few pieces that we may not be ready to let go of. I had things that I had to let go of and I’m not saying that it doesn’t hurt because it hurts but it’s not as bad as I thought and I believe that is because I surrendered it to God and didn’t hold back anything. I was scared to surrender it all because what if it doesn’t work out how I thought (Us humans, have that thing where we think we know better than God..Crazy huh??) . I never understood how I could really trust God with ALL I had!!! I just agreed with that saying. I never meant to just say it but after so many years I think it’s healthy to check yourself and make sure you’re being real and meaning what you say. But to trust someone you have to go through a process of building a relationship right?? So to build that relationship you have to have communication you talk to that person about your feelings, your fears, your dreams, your hurts etc. As time goes on that relationship usually grows and gets deeper, you come to a place where you really trust them and feel like you’re able to share everything with this person. It’s easy to believe them when they say “I got your back” We believe what they say and trust that they will do what they say. So why do we trust people and surrender our problems to them but find it hard to really surrender to God.

I’ve realized lately that when we do surrender to God that is when our complete healing can begin. We cannot only let go of a few things and the other things put on the back burner to deal with when “we feel like it” Will we find healing when we do that? Of course but I’m not for sure you can really heal completely until you surrender all you have and allow God to take control of your life not just the areas you feel he has access too. Now, that is all opinion so you may have a different view and that’s ok. For me though I’ve found out that to surrender means everyday making that choice. It’s not a one time deal and your set your whole lifetime. I believe it’s a daily decision you make. In this season in my life when I start feeling sad or angry about certain things I have got to make that decision to take It to God and have him deal with it because if not I’m tore up the rest the day and my mind is distracted. It’s an everyday decision I have to make and some days I feel a little stubborn and the control freak in me tries to rise up lol.

We must remind ourselves of s very basic truth. Our faith source is Jesus. He is the author of our faith. He is the giver of our faith. I am not nor is anyone else!!!

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Anonymous said...

good post!

Alison said...

This post is wonderful--I have actually been struggling with this myself, Kayla. Thanks for your wisdom!

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