Our Only Safety

"The Lord protects the upright but destroys the wicked." Proverbs 10:29 NLT

The center of God's will is our only safety.

Betsie ten Boom

Early explorers who dared to cross oceans quickly learned a valuable lesson: The currents of the sea could carry them to their destination, if followed correctly. Those currents could also divert them from their journey, if ignored. The very same current can have either a positive effect or a negative effect on a sailing vessel; it all depends on the knowledge and the response of the crew. God's wisdom is, in some ways, like the currents of the sea. It can carry us where we need to go. It is our refuge, the means to keep us safe and bring us to our desired destination. But only if we follow it. The benefit of His wisdom only applies to those who are willing to line up with it and set their course accordingly. Otherwise, those same beneficial currents will lead to ruin.

History is filled with millions who have tried to follow a path contrary to God's wisdom. It may be a false religion or philosophy, a personal ambition, a political agenda, an economic strategy, or any other things that we humans, in our ignorance, may set our hearts on. Millions have sailed against the currents of God and failed. Their end is miserable. What looked so promising was found to be futile.

Right now In my life I feel like Im here there are things I want but I have to sit back and ask if its in HIS WILL. I sometimes am not very patient and when I want something I dont like waiting. But we have to be able to ask God what his will is and if the path we are on is one that is in his plans. We have to be willing to stick it out when that path gets rough. When your walking on a path most of the time its not marble with gold trimming it has rocks and mud and puddles but you have to watch your step and not fall and when you do you get right back up and keep on. There comes a point in everyone's lives where you come to the fork in the road and you have to make a choice. The choice first of all needs to be in Gods will but secondly you have to be willing to walk down this road and allow him to come with you, not try to walk alone or take someone to that place where God can only be. Too many times I just open myself up to EVERYONE and sometimes I forget that there is a part that God can only have. I think if we all would be honest we have done this before and if not I am the only one!! wow lol

Do you have a personal agenda? Plans for your future? Examine them closely and ask yourself if they are thoroughly consistent with God's ways (His Word). If not, you could sail comfortably for thousands of miles, thinking you're headed toward the right destination, only to find out you're far, far away. Even slight variations in the beginning can lead you way off course in the end. Plan now. Learn the currents. Take refuges in the wisdom of God.

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