When you are at the end of your rope, God is there to catch you- Erwin W. Lutzer

Ok I’m just going to ramble in this blog because I need to ramble to someone lol...

So recently a lot of things have taken place in my life that has caused change. Change that I don’t like because like most people when change comes sometimes it’s not the change you were hoping for it will sometimes hurt, make you feel angry, confused or even numb. Right now I feel all of those feelings. I know for everyone it is different with how you handle all these emotions and with me I shut down. I close myself because I don’t want it to happen to me again. This time I know I can’t do that because then I’m not moving God-ward (a.k.a forward in God lol) There is always something learn in these seasons and I have always heard that saying but now I’m realizing that I need to know why I believe those things. I need to know why is it that I believe that God can take those things and turn them for the good. Even though the circumstances around me are changing God never changes!!! But sometimes when you’re in the midst of it all we so carelessly forget those things and are so quick to assume that NO ONE understands. What a statement to make huh??? There is someone who cares and who KNOWS what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. No need to explain why you feel the way you do but to just have someone who just understands.

God designed you to need something close to you in order to find refuge. God knows what you need! It is His desire to draw near to you and be your God--more fully than what you may have ever known was possible.

When you get hurt—for whatever reason—soothing yourself with God’s presence is far more effective than anything else you could depend on.

During other seasons in my life I experienced God as my refuge when there was nowhere else to turn, and I felt his security in the middle of a very uncertain, insecure time. So I know that now like before, he will be my refuge and my security. It’s now up to me to have faith and believe that he knows what he’s doing!!!

btw, can ya'll tell I just figured out how to "compose" my posts??? :)

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Anonymous said...

I also believe you just figured out how to let God help you through this "time" in your life. Jesus is the best friend you will ever have. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will always be there for you 24-7. Just allow Jesus to wrap you in His loving arms. Don't let Him go. Cling onto Him for dear life. It will all work out sweetheart.

I love you.

You are not alone either :-)


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