Are you living or existing??

I was watching a movie tonight with my family and something was said in it that hit home with me. Throughout life you take so many things for granted. Small and big. Right now in my life I have to sit back and look at some things and to be real honest could care less about a lot of it right now. But I was thinking about this movie and the question was asked in the movie “Are you living or existing?” It hit me. I’m just existing right now. I’m not living up to the potential God has for me. I feel like lately I’ve lost my passion for a lot of things. I don’t know how I got to that point but needless to say I know I’m there and it’s a part of the process but some of it is just free will and life. But I have to be willing to learn through this process so to get to that point I got to let some things go. The things I thought were not that big of a deal or didn’t affect me in a negative way have and I got to learn to let those things/people go.

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