God is reaching for you....

Gods reaching for you

These past few weeks of my life have been eventful. I’m realizing the true beauty of love and that it can exist and go deeper than physical attraction. But I am also learning at the same time that Gods love can go deeper than anything. It reaches as far as the east is from the west and his mercies are new every single morning. I have been thinking back on times in my life where God was trying to reach for me and was calling my name but I turned the other way fully knowing his hand was stretched out waiting for mine. As a human being if I reached my hand and poured out my love on someone who knowingly rejected it I would probably give up because it would hurt me. But how many times have we done that to God and we just expected to go back to how “things used o be” after we had a little fun out doing what we wanted??? We go back to God not wanting to address any of the things that he is trying to bring up out of us and heal us from. Those are placed in a closet where we can freely go and get when we are having those poor pity me days. I am not saying that God will bring up all of your wrongs and condemn you until you cry and beg and plead for his forgiveness. Yes you must confess and repent of your sins but He is not a God of “you own me’s” He is a God of love and mercy and acceptance and forgiveness. As human beings though we sometimes can’t seem to fathom that God is not a God of “you owe me’s”

When I mess up I want to be able to have people in my life that I can go to that will not tell me how bad I was and how I really disappointed God. I want to have those people in my life be honest with me and do it with Love. Sometimes there will be correction from a person but they can always do it in love without passing judgment. I feel like I am surrounded by people who think they live in a Brady bunch world. By that I mean that nothing is wrong and we all just are so perfect and love each other so much and never get our feelings hurt blah blah blah blah blah it is way too sweet for someone to swallow. I want people around me who are REAL who are open to new things God has for them. Some people are so scared of change and having to grow up that they put a limit on God and once they make it to a certain level they feel they do not need to press any farther. I’m sorry but for me every day I want to learn something new about God. I want to be able to be open and be able to go even farther than I have ever dreamed of. This generation is so fast paced we don’t want to wait for anything. When we want something we want it now and if we don’t get it someone pays for that. We don’t respond to authoritative figures in our lives because we think we know what is best for us. But I REFUSE to have that placed on me I REFUSE to just be ok one day and the next down I refuse to not reach for my goals because it’s too hard or too much work I REFUSE to not stand for my beliefs because the kids in my class make fun of me I just REFUSE TO ACCEPT WHERE WE ARE AS A GENERATION!!!! “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:8-10”

God has so much for us!!!
But because of either people’s judgmental look or words we sometimes settle for second best. I hear about how a lot of people don’t believe God can forgive them because of their “mess” I was a mess!!! I had a huge mess but God took the time to reach down his hands and pick me up and turn me around. He was so patient with me and loved me unconditionally!!! A lot of times we want to cover up what we have done or maybe in your household everything had to be kept hush hush and that’s all you know or maybe everyone was always in your business so you keep it all inside of you I don’t know what the situation may be but I do know nothing is too big for God and this generation does not have to settle for what the world says is normal or cool.

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