"Runaway Love"

Runway love……. what do you think of when you hear the song by ludacris and Mary J Blige is it just a song to you or a reality??? To someone it could be something you’re running away from in your mind, your home life is rocky so running away seems to be what would help, No one is around to talk to, you live in an abusive environment, or it could simply be a song you listen to by Ludacris and Mary J Blige. To me it makes me think of the situations and decisions in my life I wish I could run away from for awhile. Like tonight , I don’t feel like dealing with things that need dealt with. I’m tired of having to just waste my time and have nothing to show for it. I don’t know how I should balance everything I feel. Tonight I feel like running away from my issues and just blocking them out but this is where I need to take the advice I give to people so often when they feel like walking away or running from the problem “The longer you run away from the problem the bigger it gets and when you come back from running its still there” So this is one of those nights where I need to be grown up and deal with what hurts. Tonight I’m sitting in a hotel room alone on valentine’s day and so of course as a girl you feel like a loser lol but as I’m sitting here I’m asking myself the question “why am I running?? What makes me feel like I need to run to anyone or anything but God?” I think fear is the big thing. He’s never failed me but why is it sometimes I trust others more than God?? How is that fair??? Why is it that we are so quick to trust someone we barely know but won’t allow God in that place where we surrender completely to him and trust him with our lives??? I don’t know all these answers maybe someone else does there are just the random thoughts on my mind tonight but before you sleep or start your day ask yourself the questions “Why are you running?” and “why do you so quickly trust others more than you trust God?”

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LazyKing said...

I'm not a girl but I like the song. Ludacris and MJB are one of the best singers of our generation

Time Outdoors said...

Very nice, not sure how you did it but your song seems to load faster than what I have seen on other blogs. Good job.


Kayla said...

Thanks both of you. I def agree that MJV abd Ludacris are on top of their game!

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