Hands Of The River

In 1995 a group of young people, interested in ministering through sign language, under the leadership of River Valley Life Center and Pastor Paul Bishop, formed Hands of the River. This ministry quickly grew and found itself ministering in nearly every denomination in the city. There seemed to be no boundaries. Since then we have expanded our ministry to include various forms of dance as well. We have incorporated African, Hip-hop, Latin, and many more types of dance into our songs. This combination of sign language-meets dance has made for a dynamic ministry. Even though our style has somewhat changed and we have expanded our medium of ministry, our vision still remains the same. Expressive sign and dance is not for entertainment. It is for developing a close relationship with Christ through expression; bringing the Body of Christ into the Holy of Holies. The sacrifice of the whole body in praise will bring forth a new anointing, break yokes, and set the captive free. It is an expression that relates to all mankind, leading them to Christ, which can save them. It is our desire to recover the art of dance to the believers, out of the hands of the enemy. Through prophetic worship, travail, sign expression, spiritual warfare, and celebration we hope to achieve this. We currently have 15 young people on the team with ages ranging from 12 to 37. In addition, we have a younger group of children that sign and dance on special occasions. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. Psalm 150:6"

This is a little about the ministry I am so proudly apart of, I hope it blesses you and meets you where you are below is the weblink come check us out!!!



*worshippersheart* said...

I would love to know more about this ministry! =D

*worshippersheart* said...

... if I lived closer, I would certainly join your group! =D

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