Self Worth??

So before I have to go get ready for my bro's bball game I felt like writing again lol

So some things have been brought to my attention and I’m bothered by them to say the least. So many times have people come to me or have I heard stories in this last week about people who are dealing with self worth. I think everyone at one point or another deals with this issue, I know I have and sometimes I still do. But what I am bothered by is how it is taking control of so many peoples lives. I think a lot of people base self worth on their accomplishments, the money in the bank, friends, relationships or what people say about them. When we have an unhealthy view of ourselves and feel like there is nothing to love we can’t truly love others. They strive to be validated by others and feel that they can only feel good about themselves when others are uplifting them and approving of what they have done when really God should be the one doing that. In this world there is so much pressure to be the best and not let anyone see that you’ve gone through some things but this is such a lie. When you can be real with people about your issues it makes you relate able to others and ultimately allows you to heal. It makes me really sad to hear how people feel as though they need to change to have someone love them, they need to change so they can feel like they fit in, or they need to change because of what people say. I see so many people that are walking around not knowing how valuable they are and they seem to base their self image on what people think. I just wish people could see how our differences will bring us together and what we think isn’t that “great” about us can be used to help others.

“Many of us look good, but we have an imaginary price tag hanging not on our clothes, but on our person. We see ourselves as cheap, not worth much, possibly even on God’s clearance rack. We don’t believe anyone could ever love us and certainly, God could never use us in His plan, but nothing could be further from the truth. Your worth isn’t wrapped up in your accomplishments, possessions, job title, popularity, or looks. It isn’t about what others think of you, good or bad. It doesn’t even matter what you think of yourself. We can be our harshest critic, can’t we? Your worth has nothing to do with any of those things or even your ability to carry out the duties listed in Proverbs 31. You are precious to God simply because you are His child.”

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