Im amazed!!!

     Man I cant get over how crazy these last few months have been in my life. Things have changed tremendously, good and bad. I was talking with my mom tonight and through these last few months Gods hand was really on me. Not that his hand isn't always on us but he had me covered even when my eyes were blinded. I'm amazed at his Grace and mercy and overall love for me!!!

    I'm so unlovable at times. I really am, I don't deserve what I have but he still loves me at all times. I want to have that kinda love. I want to love unconditionally no matter how my flesh feels about the person or about the situation. God will show us in the smallest ways his love for us. I want to love him with all of my heart and have that love be seen by people. I want people to look at me and just know that I love him with all my heart. He has never ever let me down. Even when I didn't like how things were going, looking back they worked out perfectly and I thank God he didn't just give me what I wanted.

     Not a lot to say tonight other than he is so Good and so amazing!!! He deserves all the praise and all the glory even when we dont feel like it, when we praise him chains fall off, our outcomes become brighter and we begin to move godward. No  more looking back, we are not going back to where we used to be, how we used to be or what people said we were. We are moving forward fully aware that we are who he says we are!!!

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Anonymous said...

Amen!! Such a beautiful truth! God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

Icha said...

You have such wonderful life.

godamongus said...

God loves us soooooo much and is always waiting with open arms for us to seek Him. Your praise of Him is beautiful!

Philly Poetic Virtuosa said...

I just love being in love with God. :) I'm so happy you see Him moving in your life. Its such a blessing to know him for yourself.

Potters House School said...

Yah, God is wonderful & so are you!

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