Getting in the presence of God

This past weekend I worked the Revolve tour at nationwide. For those of you who don’t know what it is check out this link It was a weekend filled with hope for girls all these girls had different issues but all came together in one place for those 2 days to hear about a real God. The first night I slipped in the back and we found our seats and I was sitting there just looking to see how many people were there…I attempted to count but it was pointless to do that I don’t even like math lol but as I was sitting there a questions was asked and it was a personal question something that you have to dig really deep to find the answer too and it requires you to be real. At that moment I felt like it was just God and I. This stadium was filled with people but you felt safe, secure and close to God. That happens when you surrender your life over to Christ. When we hear the word surrender we maybe think someone gives their heart to God for the first time but this surrender means give him your hope, your dreams, your frustrations, your fears, you’re everything!! We can experience that closeness and security in God every minute of every single day!! We don’t have to only be at church, we don’t have to be having lunch at the pastor’s house or even at a conference don’t get me wrong those things are amazing but I think we get to comfortable there. We depend on only the time at church to feel God, we depend on the pastor to give us a good word to get us through the storm or even a conference.

We can only be able to feel the precious presence of God if we draw near to him everyday not just on Sunday mornings we can have encounters with him in church but how do we keep that?? By a real relationship with him. These past few years of my life I finally have understood how important it is!!! I have been raised in the church but that doesnt always mean those kids raised in the church have no problems or questions I knew it was imperative to have reverence and fear God and how to have respect in his presence and how it is a relationship with God not a set religion but this past year I think I have had a deeper revelation of it. So because of the deeper understanding of this I have been able to believe that he loves me soooo much, I know that he has made me the head and not the tail, I know that his mercies are new EVERY MORNING he doesn’t make me work for my forgiveness, I know that I can call on God whenever I need him. I know that I am able to just talk to him. I can just chill with him. When I feel lonely and have no one around he’s there. When people have left me he never has left me, when I messed up he was still there, when I needed to just yell and scream and cry he listened.

I wish everyone would have a revelation like I did and maybe I’m the last one to hop on this train and if so that’s okay but I wish people would know they can call on God whenever they need him, They can be themselves, NO masks are needed. They are safe with him and that he’s real. They can feel like I did in that huge stadium on a Friday night.
It was said today in church that we need to protect the precious presence of God. I can’t imagine being without the presence of God, it’s how I survive!!! In this generation I see over and over people playing games, waiting until tomorrow to get right, going to God when you have a bad situation in your life but never praising him when life is going good. I can say these things not because I’m judging but because I have been there. I’m not going back there and wanna shout it from the rooftops to others not to allow yourself to take Gods presence for granted. He is so Good and worthy of all our praise. He is a God who loves us so much!!! I’m so unlovable at times but how awesome is it to know that I can NEVER be unlovable to him!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! This was an amazing post! I love everything you said in it. So much truth spoken in it and it was just raw. God bless you and have an amazing week!

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