Man I have so many emotions going on tonight not because I "thought I was over something" but because my eyes are being opened more and more everyday and tonight let’s just say I saw the whole picture with new eyes. I’m mad, I feel used, I feel betrayed and I feel sad because it happened all under my nose. I didn’t see it. I saw it but never put things together. How in the world do I let something of such magnitude happen and go on and me not speak up??? Division was supposed to be the plan but I am using this to bring healing to friendships I put away from years past. I never knew why things were the way they were why there was conflict between certain people and thought that it would never be fixed but while I was going through my storm they were going through the same storm.

While we are going through those storms God doesn’t want us isolating ourselves. The people we shut out because of "conflict" can sometimes be the ones to hold our hand and lift us up while going through these trials. Sooo the devil knows that so his biggest weapon used against us is DIVISION IN THE BODY OF CHRIST!!! As the body of Christ he desires unity (Eph. 4) and he desires us Christians to have each other’s back. Don’t tell me you have my back and then walk away when the time comes to stand up. Don’t tell me you have my back because it sounds like a good thing to say. Don’t tell me you have my back when the pastors are around. Don’t tell me you have my back when deep down you do not believe what you’re preaching. Don’t you dare tell me what needs to be fixed when you yourself haven’t fixed anything? Don’t stand in my way of a healing. Don’t tell me things to keep me down. Don’t tell me things to make sure I stay a few steps behind you!!!

This Wednesday pastor talked on unity in the body of Christ and as a few people spoke about what they saw in the near future and where we were headed it became apparent to me that we all were saying the same thing and seeing the same vision and how that is one of the areas of unity in the body of Christ. Unity to me always meant getting along with other in the church. I know that’s not what it is but that’s how I thought of it. So that was cool for me to FINALLY understand that it means being one as a body and having a "one" vision and I believe when we become one in that area the other things like getting along will just fall into place!!! There’s too much chitter chatter going on around us that may be standing in the way of the healing of unity between people. I can’t stop crying tonight because God allowed me to see some things that I was letting stand in the way of my healing and others. I refuse to sit back any longer and be silent about injustice. I refuse to sit back and just tolerate people. I refuse to sit back and allow the people of God to be crushed in spirit and have no one they feel they can lean on. I refuse to allow people to stand in my way of healing and of unity. (Gen. 50:20 "
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.")

Isaiah: 54:14

"no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD."

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AfterHisHeart said...
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AfterHisHeart said...
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AfterHisHeart said...

Funny, today my pastor was preaching on unity, and helping each other.

It's really sad how people in the body of Christ are dividing with all these dominations and totally contrasting ideas and judgemental ways. We are meant to be as ONE.

Look at the apostles in Acts chapter 2, they were all in one accord, with the same good motives and vision, which made it easier for God to move his Holy Spirit amoung them. Only if the church was like that today, ay?!

Big d said...

Another strong blog Kalya. It's real strange how the Body of Christ doesn't act much like a body.

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