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Hey guys!!! So its been a minute since I last blogged but I'm back! Its been crazy busy here. My sign/dance team is working on new songs for our upcoming DVD and I am so excited to see how God is going to move!!! I can not wait, I know something amazing is going to take place BUT that's not what I'm going to be blogging about, Ill blog more about that in a few days. God has been showing me how he has the final say so in EVERY situation!!! He has shown me the healing power of his hand and has shown me the direction he is wanting me to go in my life. He never ever ever lets me down!!!

I was cleaning this afternoon because our family is coming here Sunday for an anniversary party so that means that my room has to be clean lol But I had a random worship cd on with a bunch of different artists and Tye Tribbetts song "I want it all Back" came on I don't know what it was but I got so fired up! It was a good fired up though It became apparent to me that things I thought I had lost I really didn't loose. All of those dreams were mine!!! I had ownership of them no one else!! I had to take back my ownership to these things. Things God has placed in me that I allowed people to squash was mine!!! They were placed in me for a reason. I'm ready to take charge over those things and begin walking in them. Too many times we get down and feel like we have no authority to take back our dreams that the devil stole Guess what??!! We have every right to take back what was stolen to us. God even tells us in his word!!!

It may be the Joy that you no longer have, It may have been the peace you once had, It may be the love and compassion you once had, it may be a godly friendship that somehow went south Or it may be the faith that you once had in God. Whatever it is take it back!! You have ownership over that things!! For so long I had all these "dreams" And to be honest never felt smart enough to pursue them, I always felt like they were an arm length reach away, never felt like anyone would want to listen to what I thought and I didn't think I could accomplish what I really wanted but these past few weeks God has shown me that when we let go and we have faith that he will complete the work he started in us it can and will happen when HE SAYS SO!!!!

If you in the waiting for whatever you have been praying for don't loose faith or hope. You have got to believe you will see it come to pass. God doesn't say things just to say things!!! Below is the song I was talking about. Allow this song to really sink in and begin walking in your ownership!!!

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Big d said...

I also love that song. Actually that whole CD great. You should check out Dorinda Clark-Cole's song "Take It Back," it talks about the same thing. Awesome post Kayla

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