It's Yours

your life
u don’t try
to live it right
because nothin ever changes everything remains the same
u don’t know how u make it every day

well I desire
to see u livin right
because the way u live today I’m sorry but I gotta say
your life is headed straight down the drain

you tell me that your tryin to keep it tight
but u can’t even tell wrong from right
walk round with your head up high
actin like u got nothin to hide
u need to open up your eyes
u need the light and u can’t deny
no more crying
no more tears no more pain, receive eternal life
its yours

take a look
at yourself
tell me
what you see
cant see your own reflection
try to change and nothin happened because u just the way u used to be

well see
u cant change
on your own
u aint got the strength
and the only way u can
is because he became a man and
he’s the one whose got the master plan

u can’t take it no more
god is knocking at your door
with your face on the hard floor
your heart is beating to look no more
u cry out what am I here for
your head on the floor
I’m lost in war
open your heart and take your life
its yours!!!

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