Look Up

Somewhere there's a girl
Only seventeen
And every night she cries
Cries herself to sleep
Mommy don't have the time
And daddy isn't there
So She goes out to find
Find herself somewhere

Somewhere there's a boy
He's got to be a man
He doesn't have a choice
He doesn't understand
When he comes home from school
He can't go out to play
His family needs food
Got to find a way

Look Up, Look Up
Keep on, Keepin' On
Look Up, Look Up
It wont be long
Look Up, Look Up
Your time will come
Look Up, Look Up, Look Up
You're not the only one

You could be that girl
You could be that boy
Lonely in the world
No one hears your voice
Life's not always fair
Do the best you can
And when tomorrow comes
Do your best again
I know it feels hollow
Tryin hard to let it go

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