As humans we often interpret silence to mean something negative. When there is silence from your friends or family it usually makes us wonder what’s up??? But what if the silence isn’t coming from your friends and family??? What if its coming from God??? We assume that its Gods wrath for all the horrible things we have done or the lady we just cut off in traffic, The horrible thought you just had about your husbands mom not making light of sin because we all have sinned and fallen short to the glory of God (Romans 3:23) But we are so quick to assume that its because we have done something to make God disown us and to make life hard but why don’t we assume that he is just wanting us to be still and listen??? I know for me I automatically assume its a sin that can not be forgiven or it brings up my "past". What I have recently discovered is in these silent moments of life when we feel he is so far away he closer than ever before!!!! Its in these times that we are forced to cry out. In our society silence is a bad thing. The guy you just hooked up with hasn’t "texted" you back so something has to be wrong, Your best friend who you just saw 5 minutes before wont answer her cell so you must’ve done something to ruin the friendship the list could go on of silly assumptions we are so quickly to let creep into our minds.

I urge you to take a step back from your situation your facing in life right now and ask God why he is silent??? Ask him why you are so quick to assume something is wrong, what has caused this feeling to arise in you every time there is a delay in your answer. I did this a few weeks ago and what I heard turned me around. It was a pivotal moment in my life and something I will never forget. I was getting so frustrated because I felt as though my prayers were bouncing off the sky. I felt that God didn’t have time for me or that I FINALLY did something to make his love run out for me (How crazy is it that I even thought that?)So guess what I did I ASKED him why I wasn’t hearing his voice and guess what he ANSWERED/!!! All I had to do was ask and be open to what he was going to tell me. This is what he said " I have been speaking to you and answering you but you have your hands of your ears.." I never thought I would hear that especially coming from God lol But then I asked him why I have had my hands over my ears and he said "I have had my hands over my ears because in my past I have had things said to me that hurt me, things said about me from people and it went in my ears and hit my heart so I have learned to plug my ears so I wouldn’t be hurt but in the mean time I have shut people out including him" It hit me but even though the message he gave me was stern it was so loving!!!! I felt loved I felt special to him. I realized that I needed to go back and the things that hurt me I had to deal with and give them ALL to God!!!

As Christians we get hurt by the church, hurt by our families, by our friends. We have friends who walk away from the church and then we feel that lonely feeling and automatically turn it into anger and we harden our hearts. I have just realized that those things that hurt me or make me wonder what in the world is going on is a here and now opportunity to take them to God and TALK with him and have that relationship with him so that when you have questions you can simply ask. Silence is not always a bad thing. It may be a season of listening to what God has and shutting your mouth for awhile other times its when we may not want to hear the answer so its easier to say that God has shut us out and is not hearing us but in reality he is talking so loudly but we make sure we have enough noise around us so we wont have to deal with those issues and get to the root of our heartache and anger. Allow God to speak to you. Listen to what he is asking and telling you don’t close him out because of what humans have done to you. He is so worthy or our praise and adoration, he just has to know we are willing and ready!!!!

"Never think that God's delays are God's denials." -unknown

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