Tonight I am sitting in my room and I have a million and one things that I should be doing but I cant focus on anything because I feel I need to write what is on the inside of me to be able to move forward tonight and maybe get “something” done lol. Today was Easter Sunday and Christians around the world are remembering the price that was paid for their salvation. In our service today a word was given about our perception. As humans we often look at the negative in the situations we are facing. Or maybe your really awesome and never look at a situation negative, but the truth is no matter how positive someone is sometimes that negative thinking creeps in. I realized today for the first time that when I feel like God is nowhere in my situation (which is not true because he says: (Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.) he is right in front of me!!! Too many times we look to our past because we feel it determines how far we go in our future…I refuse to believe that!!!

I believe that no matter what you have done in your past or what you haven’t done it can be used. Where we have been in our past sets us up for where will be in our future but we cannot get to our future without looking at the present. Instead of only looking to our past and future look at where you are now. Find God in your Now situation Yes he did great things in your past but open your eyes and look at what he is doing in your present!!!! He is setting you up for your future. We often think that because of where we are that we cannot accomplish our goals. I’m sorry but that is a lie and a fear mindset. Our perception of where we are now needs to be changed up a bit. Instead of feeling down or scared or like God is nowhere to be found in your present life open your eyes and change how you’re looking at your situation. God is in front of you and he is using your present and past to move you into your future. Your past is over so let’s leave it there and move forward. We can’t keep going back. Always remember where you have come from and what God did for you don’t forget that but allow God to change your perception, God makes all things NEW So this situation your facing now that you feel is killing you and tearing you apart is opening you up for what God wants in you!!! We have so many dreams inside of us but we cannot dream big and dream the way God wants us to dream if we have a fogged view. I know. I am as blind as a bat without glasses or contacts so I’m not going to start going after something when I can’t see because more than likely I’m going to run after the wrong thing or I am going to stumble and fall.

God has given us a dream. We have dreams, we have passions, we have the one thing that can drive us and make us reach for more but I am seeing all around me people placing their dreams on the shelf to gaze at and DREAM. I am including myself because I am one of those people. But, I refuse to sit on the dreams God has placed in my heart. I refuse to not follow my passion and my dream because of the fear that we have let overtake us. We no longer have to only dream of our dreams. We have these huge dreams and they mean something to us, they are dear to our heart and I bet you every day you think of those dreams but what are you doing to Move forward to your dream??? Just thinking of the "what if's" is not going to put you in a place to have your dream come to pass. We can no longer place our dreams on the shelf for us to look at and wonder what could have been. God doesn’t give you things for you to hide away or keep for yourself. Did you know you don’t have to be perfect and have everything in your life so perfect to fulfill your purpose? Do you have to be in order??? absolutely but God hasn’t called perfect people. He has called imperfect people to share about a perfect God. Instead of being down hearted about where we are NOW change your perception and thank God for where you are because this is getting you ready for your future!!!

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Big d said...

This is a real strong blog. Real strong. I agree 100% with what you said. We tend to forget that God is there sometimes, and that's something we can't do.

Alison said...

Thanks for following my blog, Kayla! And your faith is inspiring--keep writing and fighting the good fight! Bless you!

NeicY b. said...

i agree with this. i just recently this year stopped being one of those people who look at only the negatives. im looking at everything positive so i can move on and get to that goal im trying to reach. this really spoke to me so thanks for posting it!!!

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