I worship you because of who you are!!!!

Right now in my life I am learning how to be in the waiting. Waiting for Gods voice to make a move for my future, for school, for everything!!! I want to have peace in this time of waiting. I finally realized that its ok to be in a place where you are asking God questions and asking him why this or that is happening or why it is not happening. That is what a RELATIONSHIP is with God. You have to communicate and so talking to him and asking him what to do in a situation and why a certain situation turned out the way it did is OKAY!!!! Isn't that a huge relief??!! It was to me at least. God wants us to be able to just come as we are and sometimes that means coming to him angry, sad, confused, numb, sad etc... God Loves when we go to him and go running to him!!! We need to know that we can talk to him like we do our best friend. He desires to have that relationship with us and now at 19 I think I am finally fully understanding that. I think so many people think that God is this big scary God on a throne just waiting to strike them. Yes he will correct but he's not out to get you!!! He loves you and wants us to know that he is a loving God and that he wants us to come into his presence without fear , because of his mercy and love we are able to do that!!! Because he paid a price for us we are able to go into the holy presence of God and meet with him!!!

Unfortunately, we sometimes need something tragic to happen for us to get into his presence and really press in and ASK him what he wants us to do, what he wants to tell us or what he wants us to tell others whatever the case may be I urge you to not let something tragic happen to make you get on your knees and get in the presence of God. Do this because you love God and because you need to do this to survive. I am speaking from a place where I have been, don't allow something bad to happen to make you go to God. There is this song I have been listening and this has been my prayer for these past few weeks. I want to worship him and spend time with him because of who he is, because of his grace and mercy for me. I want to be so in love with him that I cant go without speaking to him!!!! Allow the lyrics to this song just to marinate in your spirit these next few days and allow these lyrics to take you to the place where you worship him just because he is!!!

Because of who You are, I give You glory
Because of who You are, I give You praise
Because of who You are, I will life my voice and say
Lord I worship You, because of who You are
Lord I worship You, because of who You are

Jehovah Jireh, my Provider
Jehovah Nissi, Lord You reign in victory
Jehovah Shalom, my Prince of Peace
And I worship You, because of who You are

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Jessica said...

I loved and fully related to this post.
I greatly enjoy just having side conversations with God. What He has been working on my heart with is being just as interactive and intimate with Him ANYWHERE instead of just at home or in a private place. Mainly- remembering that He is with me wherever I go whenever I need to talk to Him ^_^ It's a beautiful thing, and posts such as this encourage me even more.
Manny Blessings Kayla <3

Big d said...

strong blog Kayla. It truly spoke to me for real. The lyrics at the end is one of my favorite worship songs.

Stay saved

Kayla said...

Thank you guys! I really love getting feedback just to see how it touched people :) Jessica, you and I sound like we are in a similar place, I have always been taught that I can talk to God anywhere not just in church ir in family devotions etc but anywhere and so now I have to exercise that!!! And thank you Daniel sometimes I have to make sure Im not to strong lol I love the song its so simple but sometimes simplicity is exactly what we may need sometimes.....

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