Who do you truly rely on???

Isn't it funny how often we rely on others to fulfill the desires within us. We go through life saying we trust God and rely on him for everything but in reality you find yourself relying to much on others. I'm not saying you don't need anyone because as the body of Christ we do need each other and God is all about relationship. That’s why our relationships are tested so many times. As humans it is placed within us to desire a relationship. But where we get it twisted is when we place other things to fulfill that empty place. So we are left disappointed every time because no one is going to be able to fill those empty places because it’s a place only for God. Sometimes we have so high of expectations for our relationships that people will fall short of those expectations because what you want from someone else God can only meet that expectation.

Maybe I'm the only one who does this. I depend so much on others and not enough on God. I say I rely on him for my every need, desire, question or even lonely place but situations I keep having to deal with has shown me that I don't always go to God first. How do I balance the two?? Depending and trusting others but also trusting God and depending on him for my every need??? I'm not sure of that answer because I'm still learning it. I know that God places people in your life who are there for a reason so don't get me wrong I believe relationship with others are so important. But in everything in life there needs to be balance. This is something I'm still learning. I may be the only one but I'm believing I'm not in this alone. Something I have realized with me is I place my self worth on how much people need me or love me. Its something I have always dealt with. I've gotten soooo much better but at times, like tonight. I deal with this feeling. So maybe ask yourself what I am tonight. Who do I run to when I have things on my mind??? Who do I rely on when I feel I need some love and attention???

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